Three Top San Antonio Restaurants And My Pick From Among Them

How many restaurants have you been to in San Antonio, Texas? I have been to several myself as I lived for years in a small town not too far away from SA called Seguin. This article is going to bring you a little information about three of San Antonio’s finest restaurants, and for the last few restaurant articles, I have forgotten to provide you with my first choice. So this time, I am going to do that. Get ready for some great restaurants in San Antonio, Texas.

The first establishment is El Bucanero, and it is located on Blanco Road. You are talking about shrimp, camarones, and all kinds of great seafood and more. Tacos are mentioned, so it makes me wonder if they are serving up fish tacos. Either way, tacos sound scrumptious, and SA is definitely a great place to enjoy them.

Now on to the second restaurant for this round in San Antonio, and let’s make it Hopdoddy Burger Bar. It is located on La Cantera Parkway, so maybe you can visit the Last Cantera Mall while you are there. How does truffle fries, lamb and tuna sound to you? I really could go for a lamb gyro, but I wonder if that’s what they serve. The truffle fries sure do sound delish, too.

Now it is time to visit one last establishment, and it is going to be a cafe, Alamo Cafe to be exact. Alamo Cafe is located on San Pedro Avenue, and the quesadilla platter featured in the picture looks great. They also serve up tortilla soup, fajitas and much more. If you ask me, those fajitas sound really good. Now, the cafe would also be my first pick, just because of the fajitas. Did you pick Alamo Cafe out of the three restaurants?