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Thieves steal $60K in valuables from single mom in Stone Oak

SAN ANTONIO – A single San Antonio mother, who said she was already stressed from moving into a new home, was hit with a car burglary.

Because she was in the process of moving when the break-in happened early last month, she said all of her valuables were loaded in her car.

The thieves were caught on camera in a popular Stone Oak shopping center.

Personal belongings valued at $60,000, plus her ID, passport and son’s passport are all gone.

Danielle Cunningham told KENS 5 she is desperate for a lead and pleading for you to pay close attention to surveillance video of the alleged thieves.

KENS 5 asked the San Antonio Police Department to run the address for the parking lot at the Vineyard shopping center where the theft happened, located at 1201 N Loop 1604 West. SAPD reports that since Sept. 29, 2016, there have been:

7 calls for vehicle burglaries, 2 calls for vehicle theft, 3 calls for burglary alarm 5 calls for suspicious person or vehicle.

"It’s a nice part of town so I’m really shocked," Cunningham said.

While she’s thankful for surveillance video, she said she’s disappointed at the quality because the license plate could not be made out.

"Obviously the footage wasn’t strong enough. They got everything within a suitcase and everything that is important to me," Danielle Cunningham said.

Police said the suspects possibly fled in a silver Ford Expedition.

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