San Antonio

San Antonio Fans Are Wondering When The Next Ring Might Be

Fans of the San Antonio Spurs have reason to be proud and hold their heads high. Going back nearly 20 years, their team has the highest winning percentage of any franchise. That’s not just in the NBA, but in all major league sports. They just win more games than anyone else in MLB, the NHL, or even the NFL. In that time frame, they’ve also netted themselves six trips to the NBA Finals, winning five rings.

At first, some chalked it up to fluke luck. A serious injury to David Robinson, nicknamed the Admiral and considered one of the top 50 NBA players of all time, sidelined him for a season. The team did poorly, hit gold in the lottery ping pong balls, and drafted Tim Duncan. The two of them paired up when Robinson returned and won a championship together.

What was decidedly not a fluke was the coaching genius of Greg Popovich, who still stalks the sidelines, or their drafting, which landed international stars like Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker. They also recently wound up with MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard.

Parker and Ginobli are still with the team, but only have a few scant years left in their careers, and the team has yet to make a serious post-season run to the Finals since Duncan retired. Leonard is without a doubt a superstar, and has current or former all-stars around him on the roster. Yet, he alone is not enough to challenge the likes of Golden State.

San Antonio seems to have slipped the minds of the common fan in the Golden State era, but even in this era, they’ve managed to have record regular seasons. While Houston and OKC might suddenly seem like they’re in contention, things can change at any time, and the Spurs could be right back in the picture.