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San Antonio Museum Receives 31 Portraits of Latinx Americans by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Sonia Sotomayor, 2010.

Houston art dealer and collector Hiram Butler will donate a suite of 31 large-scale portraits of Latinx Americans photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders to the San Antonio Museum of Art. The gift will go on view at the museum in October in an exhibition titled “The Latino List: Photographs by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.”

The photographs, which measure close to 5 feet by 4 feet, relate to The Latino List, a documentary directed by Greenfield-Sanders that originally aired as a documentary on HBO featuring interviews with 15 Latinx celebrities conducted by NPR’s Maria Hinojosa...

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Juneteenth Celebration Comes Early for San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Juneteenth is still two days away, but the celebration of this important milestone in Texas history snaked its way across the east side Saturday morning in an energetic parade. The celebration continued going strong all day at a festival at Comanche County Park.

Many of the fans of the holiday who showed up for the parade said this year, more than ever, it is important to celebrate freedom.

“This year, we’re really concentrating on freedom. We’re talking about our past, our present, our future and we’re trying to keep people focused on freedom,” Juneteenth Parade Chairman Oscar Vicks said.

Juneteenth commemorates the moment on June 19 152 years ago when more than 200,000 Texas slaves found out about their freedom, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation...

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How an Anti-Sharia Protest Outside the Texas Statehouse Got Totally Shut Down

AUSTIN — It had been billed as a March Against Sharia — one of many protests across the country against the feared subjugation, somehow, of Americans under Islam.

But the few dozen sharia protesters who stood at the gates of the Texas statehouse didn’t manage to march anywhere. They had failed to secure the permits for that.

And as they shouted warnings against the supposed dangers of Muslim religious codes — which are practiced privately by a tiny fraction of the U.S. population — the demonstrators were drowned out by a much larger group of counterprotesters who mocked and harangued them for hours on Saturday.

Like simultaneous events in other U.S...

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Three Top San Antonio Restaurants And My Pick From Among Them

How many restaurants have you been to in San Antonio, Texas? I have been to several myself as I lived for years in a small town not too far away from SA called Seguin. This article is going to bring you a little information about three of San Antonio’s finest restaurants, and for the last few restaurant articles, I have forgotten to provide you with my first choice. So this time, I am going to do that. Get ready for some great restaurants in San Antonio, Texas.

The first establishment is El Bucanero, and it is located on Blanco Road. You are talking about shrimp, camarones, and all kinds of great seafood and more. Tacos are mentioned, so it makes me wonder if they are serving up fish tacos. Either way, tacos sound scrumptious, and SA is definitely a great place to enjoy them.

Now on to the...

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Spend A Weekend San Antonio For The Following Reasons

A trip to Texas, virtually any time of the year, will often lead you to one of the larger cities. You may have been to Dallas before, or even Austin, but you might not have visited San Antonio yet. It is located south of the middle of the state, and southwest of Dallas. It is a sizable location. This allows it to have many different tours and activities that people can do when they come in from different areas of the country. If you want to spend a weekend in San Antonio, you can pick and choose from the many options that are currently being marketed. Here are two that you probably should consider doing if you are only going to spend a couple of days in the great city of San Antonio Texas.

SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld is a tourist attraction that is almost always related to Florida...

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